Driving Sam is easy.

  • Drive Sam Live in this Apartment at

    Thurgauerstrasse 32
    8050 Zürich

    Living Space: 303 m²

    For a good experience you should have a good internet connection.
  • Start with the Tutorial (less than 1 minute)

    You'll learn very quickly the basics how to drive Sam.
  • If you already know how to

You are about to drive this robot live in an apartment.

Click Next to start your Tutorial (takes less than 1 min).

For a good experience you should have a good internet connection.

Tutorial (1/9) Driving Straight: Press and hold UP

Tutorial (2/9) Spinning Left: Press and hold LEFT

Tutorial (3/9) Spinning Right: Press and hold RIGHT

Tutorial (4/9) Driving Backwards: Press and hold DOWN

Tutorial (5/9) Left Curve: Press and hold UP and LEFT

Tutorial (6/9) Right Curve: Press and hold UP and RIGHT

Tutorial (7/9) Look Up: Press and hold W

Tutorial (8/9) Look Down: Press and hold S

Tutorial (9/9) If there is no obstacle Sam can drive fast.

First: Press and hold UP

W (Cam Up)
S (Cam Down)

Driving Sam is easy.

Before you start:

  1. You need a reasonably good internet connection (medium or good).

  2. When you connect to Sam your browser might mute the audio of Sam's video stream.
    You can either switch off the blocking of autoplay sound in your browser's settings
    or you just unmute the video stream manually if you see a muted symbol in the middle of your screen.
    You unmute the video stream by just clicking on the muted symbol.
    If you don't see any muted symbol in the middle of your screen after you connected to Sam, then you have normal audio.

  3. If it is dark in the room, then just move Sam a litte bit (backwards / forwards / spin) until the lights go on.

  4. If you find yourself on the charging station just go backwards and undock from it.

  5. By clicking on "Connect Now" you acknowledge that we are using cookies to enable minimum functionality of this web application.
    Please proceed by connecting to Sam now. Enjoy!

Browser Check. You need or on a PC or Mac.


You need either Chrome or Firefox on a PC or Mac in order to connect to Sam. We recommand the Chrome browser. Use the blue button below to get to the offical Google Chrome page. Please download Chrome, install it and try again.
Thank you.


Du brauchst entweder Chrome oder Firefox auf einem PC oder Mac um dich mit Sam verbinden zu können. Wir empfehlen den Chrome Browser. Benutze den blauen Knopf um zur offiziellen Google Chrome Website zu gelangen. Bitte lade Chrome herunter, installiere es und versuche es dann nochmals.

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